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Check out some of my recent projects! You'll learn a little about how I approach copywriting, and how I can help your business. 


PROJECT: Springbot Landing Page


BRAND: Springbot is a marketing platform that empowers small eCommerce retailers with the data they need to compete with giants like Amazon and Walmart. Their brand voice is young, informal, and friendly.


TARGET AUDIENCE: Small to medium-sized eCommerce business owners. Men and women between the ages of 30-45 who want to expand their eCommerce marketing efforts through email funnels, AdRoll ads, retargeting, and SMS marketing. These people are pretty tech-savvy, but new to higher-level marketing concepts. 


GOAL: Get visitors to sign up to receive Springbot’s free lifecycle lookbook. 


STRATEGY: Small business owners are busy people who need quick solutions to their problems. In this piece, I chose to emphasize how downloading the lookbook would save the visitor time and energy by giving them easy-to-use email design templates that they could put into practice right away. I highlighted all the key features of the lead magnet, and leaned heavily on the plug-and-play nature of the guide while maintaining Springbot’s casual tone. 

A quick note: My original copy submission did not include the “What is the Customer Lifecycle” section. I feel that it’s a bit too educational for the purposes of a landing page.

PROJECT: Springbot Sales Page


BRAND: See Above.




GOAL: Get visitors to sign up for a demo of Springbot platform.


STRATEGY: Springbot’s clients tend to be tech-literate DIY types, but they don’t have time for software that has a steep learning curve. They need something that “just works”. With all that in mind, I drew attention to how simple it is for customers to create branded, custom pop-ups using Springbot’s Signup Form builder. I also emphasize how easy it is for them to control not just how the pop-up looks, but when it appears. This is a key concern for eCommerce sellers.

A quick note: In my original draft, I included a subhead below the CTA that reemphasized how Springbot can help their customers increase their eCommerce sales. Without that subhead, I would have made the CTA “Optimize Your eCommerce Sales With Springbot” because it speaks more directly to the benefit. I also feel that linking to educational content right above the CTA is a mistake, because it may cause the user to navigate away from the page.




PROJECT: SPEC AD - Magazine Ad for COVERGIRL TrueYou Match Lipstick 


BRAND: This spec piece is for a fictitious line of COVERGIRL lipsticks called TrueYou Match. COVERGIRL’s brand voice is fun, stylish, and promotional.


TARGET AUDIENCE: Women ages 24–40 who regularly purchase health and beauty items at their local drugstores. These women are confident and like using makeup to enhance their natural beauty.


GOAL: Get readers to purchase COVERGIRL TrueYou Match lipstick.


STRATEGY: These women are Instagram users, so the headline is a nod to the hashtag young women use when they post a “natural” selfie. Each adjective evokes a sense of softness and allure. I want the reader to infer that this lipstick goes on smooth, will last all day (or night), and will make them feel more attractive. I repeat the words "true", "you", and "match" to help the product name stick in the target's mind. The white background and lilies reinforce the clean, natural theme of the product. 


A quick note: As stated above, this ad is a spec piece. I have not had the pleasure of working with COVERGIRL. 

PROJECT: The Complete Online Review Guidebook

BRAND:  Whitehardt is an attorney advertising and consulting firm specializing in personal injury law marketing. The brand voice is formal, confident, and authoritative. 

TARGET AUDIENCE: Personal injury lawyers between 40-60 years old. This demographic skews older and doesn't have a firm grasp of the internet, technology or how these things impact their business. They are intelligent, but require a lot of shepherding when it comes to their online assets. 

GOAL: This eBook is an educational piece for Whitehardt's clients. The goal of the book was to provide a comprehensive resource for law firms on all things online review.


STRATEGY: This guidebook breaks down piece by piece everything a law firm needs to do to get a handle on their online reviews. The original publication is 50 pages long and details everything from how to respond to bad feedback to a strategy for generating positive reviews. 

One client in particular was struggling with his online reputation. After reading this guide and implementing its strategies, he was able to raise his Google star rating from 2.2 to 4.3 in six months. To date, he has over 1,200 Google reviews.


A quick note: Some of this information is proprietary, so only the first six pages are attached.

PROJECT:  CannaLoft “About” Page


BRAND: CannaLoft is a small CBD store based in Atlanta. Their brand voice is friendly, open, and helpful.


TARGET AUDIENCE: Men and women between the ages of 25 and 45 who want to relieve their stress, manage anxiety, and sleep better. CannaLoft caters to young professionals who are interested in natural, holistic remedies. CBD is a relatively new market, so consumers tend to have a lot of questions. 

GOAL: Get customers to talk to a representative via the chat option.


STRATEGY: Since the consumer knowledge gap is pretty wide, CannaLoft strives to provide a high-touch buying experience. The shop relies heavily on repeat customers, so establishing a connection by providing useful recommendations is key for them. The About page copy lets the reader know the staff understands what they’re going through, and can help them find the CBD products that will work best for them. CannaLoft wants the user to feel comfortable reaching out with their questions, so I kept the language simple and conversational.

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