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The Secret Behind a Great About Page [HINT: It’s Not All About You]

No doubt you’re a fascinating person, you’re an entrepreneur after all ;)

But your “About Me” page isn’t just a biography. It’s not a highlight reel of your biggest accomplishments. It’s not your resume, credentials, or a list of your hobbies. A lot of this information can be in your copy, but with one essential piece of alchemy. It will be expressed in a way that resonates with other people.

Have you ever heard the phrase “you are what you do”? Your about page is about what you do for people.

If you’re a fan of HubSpot’s content (like me), then you’ve probably run across this quote.

If you’re providing a service, your "About" page needs to focus on how you fulfill the needs of your customers, and why you’re the best person to do it. This is also true if you’re selling a product. You have to explain what lead you to develop your product, and how your experiences contribute to its effectiveness.

What Makes a Great About Me Page?

Here are some common elements that might be on your "About" page.

Your Backstory

Have you had the same problems as your customers? Are you a health coach who has struggled with weight loss yourself? That story would help your clients see that you understand their situation because you’ve dealt with it yourself.

Your Successes & Strides

Who have you helped the most with your product or service? Testimonials are a very powerful selling tool. They demonstrate what you have to offer and give your customers something to aspire to.

Your Passion

Why did you start this business in the first place? What parts of it give you the most joy? People don't want to hear that you're passionate, they want to hear why.

Your Philosophy

How do you approach your business? What unique perspective are you bringing to the table? How does that help your customers?

Your Skills

What are your skills, and how do you use them to benefit others? Did you use your engineering or design background to create a product that changes how people do something? Are you a consultant with years of marketing experience? What's your unique selling point?

Be Authentic, Be Purposeful, Be You

Remember, the purpose behind your "About" page is to sell you or your company to your customers. It should be as much about them and their needs as possible. People buy products and services from individuals and companies they can connect with. Your customers need to know that you understand the problems they’re facing, and that you're here to help them.

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