The Secret Behind a Great About Page [HINT: It’s Not All About You]

Updated: Jun 11

No doubt you’re a fascinating person, you’re an entrepreneur after all ;)

But your “About Me” section isn’t just a biography. It’s not a highlight reel of your biggest accomplishments. It’s not your resume or credentials. It’s not a list of your hobbies. A lot of this information will be in your copy, but with one essential piece of alchemy. It will be expressed in a way that resonates with other people.

Have you ever heard the phrase “you are what you do”? Your about page is about what you do for people.

If you’re a fan of HubSpot’s content (like me), then you’ve probably run across this quote.

If you’re providing a service, your About page needs to focus on how you fulfill the needs of your customers, and why you’re the best person to do it. This is also true if you’re selling a product. You have to explain what lead you to develop your product and how your experiences contribute to its effectiveness.

Before You Start Writing, Ask Yourself These Questions

Writing your About page can feel a little overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a roadmap. So, grab a notepad and answer these questions. I promise your writing will be a lot more focused.

How did I get here?

What brought you to this point? What problem were you struggling with, and how did you solve it? How will that journey help others? Write all that goodness down.

What do I love most about what I do?

This should be an easy one. Think about the times when you felt most gratified by your business. What made you feel that way? Why?

What have been the most enlightening moments of my life?

I’m guessing since you’ve started your own business, you’ve probably had some sort of epiphany that inspired you. Maybe it was more than one epiphany. Think about what your life was like before you started this journey. Think about what it’s like now. What changed? When did it change? Why?

How have I used what I've learned to help others?

Think about your life experiences. Think about all the knowledge you’ve picked up along the way. What unique insights do you have? How do they impact how you’re able to help your clients?

What do my customers want/need from me?

What do your customers struggle with most? What problems do they have that you can solve with your product or service? Have you had the same problems and overcome them? Describe.

What Makes a Great About Me Page?

Now that you’ve fleshed out some of your main ideas let’s go through the elements of a successful About page.

Your Backstory

Talk a little bit about your life in the context of your business. Don’t be afraid to share really personal stories, as long as they are relevant. For example, if you’re a health coach who has struggled with weight loss, go ahead and talk about that. That story would help your clients see that you understand their problem because you’ve dealt with it yourself.

Your Successes & Strides

Who have you helped the most with your product or service? If that person is willing, share their story. It demonstrates what you have to offer and gives your customers something to aspire to.

Your Passion

Don’t just tell people you’re passionate. Tell them why. Why did you start this business in the first place? What parts of it give you the most joy?

Your Philosophy

How do you approach your business? What unique perspective are you bringing to the table? How does that help your customers?

Your Skills

What are your skills, and how do you use them to benefit others? Did you use your engineering or design background to create a product that changes how people do something? Are you a consultant with years of marketing experience? Tell people what you do.

How to Keep Your Writing in Check

Phew. So you’ve got a draft of your page. Now what? It’s time to revise - writing is rewriting! As you move on to your editing phase, keep these things in mind:

Stay clear.

Clarity is the most crucial element of writing. If no one can understand what you’ve written, there’s no point. Never sacrifice clarity for flowery language or unnecessary detail.

Stay on point.

Make sure everything you write has a purpose. If it’s not relevant to the client or customer, cut it out. Don’t ramble, and don’t be boring.

Stay on brand.

By now, you should have settled on a brand voice for you or your company. Read over your brand and tone guide again. Make sure you maintain the voice throughout.

Be Authentic, Be Purposeful, Be You

Remember, the purpose behind your About page is to sell you or your company to your customers. Make it as much about them and their needs as possible. Show them you understand the problems they’re facing, and that you have the answers they need. Every word you write should have a clear purpose behind it - otherwise, it’s just fluff.

And don’t be afraid to inject some personality into your writing. Even if you have a serious brand voice, it’s essential that your customers feel a human touch to the copy. People buy products and services from individuals and companies they can connect with.

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